Nonsolicitation and Noncompete Agreements (with 5 examples)

A nonsolicitation agreement is a contract which requires that an employee agrees not to solicit an employer’s customers or clients for his or her own benefit or for the benefit of a competitor after departing from the company for any reason. A similar yet distinct agreement is a noncompete agreement which prohibits an employee from … Read more

Trust Agreements (with 4 examples)

A trust agreement enables a trustor to vest the title/ownership rights to one or multiple assets to one or more trustees for to the purpose of protection and conservation of the trust’s beneficiaries. A trust agreement should include the intent for creating the trust as well as the details surrounding its establishment and fulfillment. Additional … Read more

Patent Agreements (with 5 examples)

Patent license agreements are very intricate agreements because they incorporate two areas of law: contract law, and torts. Tort law is focused on reasonable conduct of people while contract law regulates the promises of people. RealDealDocs offers a variety of agreements and documents pertaining to patents, including Patent Purchase Agreements, Patent Rights Agreements, Patent … Read more