Slack Technologies Goes Public in Third Largest NYSE Initial Trade Ever

No slacking off today – the brilliant tech company Slack Technologies, Inc. outperformed expectations today when it went public as a direct listing (ticker: WORK) on the New York Stock Exchange.  The stock soared to an increase of 48.5% resulting in the third largest initial trade ever on the NYSE.

But there is more – by choosing to go public as a direct listing, the company circumvented the world of Wall Street/investment banking IPO launching. Formerly named Tiny Speck (and formerly Canadian), the American cloud-based company specializes in proprietary team collaboration software – in layman’s terms, workplace messaging and project management. Many of the company’s team members were formerly with Ludicorp, the creators of Flickr.

Is this sounding a lot like Skype? Agreed – here is an article comparing and contrasting the two companies: “Slack Vs Skype: Which is Best for Business?”  written by Matt D’Angelo, staff writer at Business News Daily.

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Here are 4 documents from Slack Technologies currently available on

Slack Technologies, Inc. – Indemnification Agreement

Slack Technologies, Inc. – Executive Severance Plan

Bylaws of Slack Technologies, Inc, a Delaware Corporation

Slack Technologies, Inc – Non-employee Director Compensation Policy

Image used courtesy of Forbes.

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