4 Examples of Advertising Agreements and Contracts

Advertising agreements or advertising contracts are best described as an agreement between a supplier of advertising time or space, such as a communications media representative or the communications medium itself, and an advertiser.

The advertiser specifies the content, cost, and the placement of the advertising. Such agreements may be created by an advertising agency on behalf of a client who wishes to work with a supplier, or the agreement can be made directly between the supplier and the advertiser.

Advertising agreements are binding and the language in the agreement or contract is crucial.The advent of internet advertising has populated RealDealDocs with examples of actual internet advertising agreements with well-known companies such as Google.

Here are 4 advertising contracts available right now on RealDealDocs.com:

Amendment to Google Services Agreement

  • Google Inc
  • Localcom Corporation

Agreement for Internet Advertising Services

  • Internet Advertising Services
  • Kolobok Distribution In

Amendment No. 2 to Advertising Distribution Agreement

  • Localcom Corporation
  • SuperMedia LLC

Advertising Agreement

  • Travelzoo Inc.