Established in May 2000, RealDealDocs™ is a division of RPCD Holdings LLC a legal technology holding company dedicated to creating innovative products that improve your results. We are a company of lawyers, business professionals and legal technologists who have pioneered a task-based approach to information retrieval, whether that information resides inside a firm, in the public domain, or in our own proprietary database.

As professionals at some of the leading companies in the United States, our founders recognized that one of the challenges associated with negotiating and drafting deals is finding language that you know the guy down the hall or across the country has already thought of and would be perfect for what you are working on, if only you could find it. Everyone from huge professional firms to individual professionals have been trying to solve this problem, but the challenge has been two-fold: 1) finding a huge, centralized library of documents to access; and 2) the fact that this information needs to be profiled, not just full text searchable, because full text search alone just isn’t good enough to find exactly what you’re looking for. RealDealDocs™ has conquered that challenge.

In addition to legal professionals looking for drafting assistance, RealDealDocs™ is also utilized by research firms and investment managers seeking to gain competitive intelligence by allowing them to quickly and efficiently research transactions and take action accordingly.

Our clients include many of the top law firms, investment managers and professional corporations in the world.

RPCD Holdings LLC
Clinton J. Sallee
President & CEO