Agreements Protecting Trade Secrets

Can you keep a secret? It only takes one person who can’t – or won’t – to spill the multimillion-dollar beans, especially when it comes to lucrative trade secrets.


The recent settlement between Uber and Wayno over a trade secret legal battle highlights that our increasingly technological reliance as a society will likely exacerbate the need for intellectual property protection.  Waymo, which was formerly owned by Google to develop self-driving cars, alleged that a former employee, engineer Anthony Levandowski, downloaded the trade secrets to make this happen and went to work for Uber. (Uber is also cozy with Google. Awkward.)

Non-compete agreements are also of enormous value yet agreements which specifically cite the protection of trade secrets are essential in industries relying on such.

Here are 3 agreements pertaining to trade secrets currently available on RealDealDocs:

1) Agreement for the Protection of Trade Secrets

Clayton Holdings Inc.; The Murray Hill Company

2) Full and Complete Release and Agreement on Competition, Trade Secrets, and Confidentiality

Coca-Cola Company

3) Trade Secrets/Non-compete Agreement

Ford Motor Company