Tik Tok time crunch and three Acquisition Agreements

If you are a Tik Tok user, your time to upload just one more video of your dog may be running out. Increased tensions between the United States and China along with growing concern over privacy issues have led President Trump to announce that he may be banning the application as soon as tomorrow via … Read more

Why You Should Hire Fidelity Creditor Service

Collection during the age of COVID-19 may sound like wishful thinking – does the “new normal” mean that as a business owner, you may never get paid for Service rendered? According to Clint Sallee, President of Fidelity Creditor Service, this is an excellent time to consider retaining a top tier collection agency. “Keep in mind, … Read more

Executive Employment, Non-competition & Bonus Plan Agreements – Part 11

In our last RealDealDocs blog entry, we discussed sales agreements, equipment lease agreements and proxy agreements. This week, we will cover three other types of agreements: executive employment agreements, non-competition agreements, and bonus plan agreements. To review, an agreement can be defined as “a negotiated and usually legally enforceable understanding between two or more legally competent … Read more