Nonsolicitation and Noncompete Agreements (with 5 examples)

A nonsolicitation agreement is a contract which requires that an employee agrees not to solicit an employer’s customers or clients for his or her own benefit or for the benefit of a competitor after departing from the company for any reason. A similar yet distinct agreement is a noncompete agreement which prohibits an employee from … Read more

Trust Agreements (with 4 examples)

A trust agreement enables a trustor to vest the title/ownership rights to one or multiple assets to one or more trustees for to the purpose of protection and conservation of the trust’s beneficiaries. A trust agreement should include the intent for creating the trust as well as the details surrounding its establishment and fulfillment. Additional … Read more

Avoiding Landlord-Tenant Disputes

No matter which party you are, landlord or tenant, the best way to avoid a dispute is to have solid lease outlining specific details from rent, rent increases, security deposit, termination, grounds for evictions, ending the lease, and additional designated responsibilities such as utilities and liability. When it comes to commercial leases, the stakes are … Read more