What Are The Purpose of Exclusivity Agreements?

Exclusivity agreements come in a variety of forms and are designed to meet a range of goals. The overriding purpose of each exclusivity agreement is to define a relationship in which (generally) two parties agree to deal only with one another, to the exclusion of third parties. The duration of the agreement; whether it is … Read more

NFL Agrees To $765 Million Settlement To Players

Lawyers and NFL Owners have agreed to a tentative settlement for players who have suffered concussions. The $765 Million dollars will be used for medical exams, research and player compensation. ¬† The NFL also agreed to pay the plaintiff’s legal fees. The money would be used for medical exams, concussion-related compensation and a program of … Read more

What is a Supplier Agreement?

A supplier agreement is an agreement between a supplier and another party. Generally, the other party is a business or company. A supplier may refer to a manufacturer, processor, packager, distributer, wholesaler, dealership, or merchant. The agreement is a consensus between the two parties regarding the rights and obligations surrounding the supplier’s business relationship with … Read more

Can This Software Help You Bill More Hours?

Whether you run your own legal practice or are a partner or associate, you know how easily you can become bogged down keeping track of clients, projects, and billable vs. non-billable hours.

And for many attorneys, time management is a daily struggle.

How can you possibly make phone calls, respond to emails, log your expenses, meet with prospective clients, litigate, and still have enough time to actually do work?

More and more, time management software has begun to provide attorneys like you with better ideas for how to get it all done in less time… which can translate to earning more in less time.

However, there are many time management and project management solutions available today, and it can be difficult to know which to choose. Every online business management system seems to have its strengths and weaknesses, depending on the needs of the company or individual using it.

For example, some software is excellent in encouraging intra-company communication, and is helpful with staying on top of tasks, but offers little or nothing in the way of keeping track of time spent. Likewise, there are other programs that allow you to bill for your time with one click of a mouse, but aren’t helpful in assigning and communicating about tasks.

The need for a more integrated practice management solution has led many to shun their old organizational systems and search for a more complete business management tool.

And this one, it seems, does it all.

It’s called Bill4Time. (Free Trial available here.) This “Web-Based Time Billing Software” does everything from tracking billable time, to managing client data, to creating invoices. The software also integrates with QuickBooks for more easier, and more convenient accounting.

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