Buying or Selling a Business? You Need These Documents (with examples)

If you are considering buying – or selling – a business, a series of documents must be available and reviewed in order to make the best decisions.

Sellers: If you are contemplating selling your business, a review of your records and documents is essential. This includes not only financial documents and customer records but all your employee files as well. If you don’t have an operations manual, now is this time to create one. Equally important is your employee manual along with ensuring each employee has been given one.  Potential sellers will need to see the following:

  • All agreements – this include LLC agreements, partnership agreements, corporate agreements, purchasing agreements, warehouse agreements, and vendor agreements.
  • Leases
  • Itemized list of all inventory and equipment
  • Financial statements and tax returns

Buyers: Due diligence and careful review of the seller’s documents is critical. RealDealDocs offers numerous actual documents and agreements reflecting the list above – studying documents of other companies can give you a keen competitive edge.

Another important consideration is whether the seller/business is involved with any lawsuits or has incurred significant liabilities. As a buyer, you may have the option of proceeding with the purchase regardless of a legal and financial considerations yet meticulous research is key.

Whatever your industry, RealDealDocs saves hours of drafting time and incorporates business documents written by leading lawyers, leaders, and innovators – providing you with insight and a competitive edge. And we featured the latest press releases for the companies and industries you follow. Visit RealDealDocs and view the first page of each document at no charge.

Here are some examples of documents currently available on the RealDealDocs website which pertain to the purchase or sale of a business:

Warehouse Lease Agreement

Standard Form Commercial Lease

Standard Form Commercial Lease for CPS TECHNOLOGIES CORP/DE/, Ceramics Process Systems Corporation, CPS TECHNOLOGIES CORPORATION, GIFFORD INVESTMENTS, INC

Luby’s, Inc. Board Of Directors Adopts Plan Of Liquidation And Dissolution

Index To Financial Statements

Index To Financial Statements for GOLDEN PATH ACQUISITION CORP, GOLDEN PATH ACQUISITION CORPORATION, Public Company Accounting Oversight Board

Image courtesy of Capri23auto from Pixabay