Non-Compete Agreements: Here to Stay? (With Actual Documents)

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Non-compete agreements have been around for hundreds of years and have been implemented in the United States for more than a century. But not everyone thinks they are fair, most notably President Biden who signed an executive order directing the FTC to consider abolishing them in certain circumstances. Remind me what a non-compete agreement is? … Read Article

Big Pharma and A New Experimental Drug for Alzheimers (with 4 documents)

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Promising news from Big Pharma regarding an experimental drug to effectively treat Alzheimer’s disease is raising hopes despite continuing questions. What is it called? Lecanemab Who makes it? Biogen (third largest biotech company in the world) and  Eisai Co., Ltd. What is the research showing? “In a randomized, placebo-controlled study of nearly 1,800 people who … Read Article

Warranty Agreements (with examples)

A warranty agreement is a legally binding agreement that formalizes a promise or guarantee which provides assurance between parties that certain conditions or facts are true, correct, or will happen in the future. The key information in a warranty agreement may include information regarding the fitness of an item or a product (as in fit … Read Article

Supplier Agreements Explained with 4 Examples

A supplier agreement is an agreement between a supplier and another party. Generally, the other party is a business or company. A supplier may refer to a: manufacturer processor packager distributor wholesaler dealership merchant Generally, the supplier agreement will cover a number of issues including: terms and conditions effective date and term of the agreement … Read Article

Latest Letter of Intent Documents (With 7 Examples)

A Letter of Intent is written communication expressing the writer’s intention or plan of action or direction. The language used in a Letter of Intent must be carefully considered to avoid any mistake with an actual contract or implied contract.  A Letter of Intent may also be referred to as “Memorandum of Understanding”, a “Precontract”, … Read Article

Latest Royalty Agreements with 3 Examples

A royalty agreement is used when a transaction involving intellectual property occurs. It is a document concerning two parties, typically referred to as a licensor and licensee, granting the licensee the right to use intellectual property for a predetermined length of time. A royalty is a payment made for the sale or use of an … Read Article

Lock-Up Agreement Clauses with 3 Examples

Lock-up agreements are generally associated with underwriting agreements – they are designed to protect investors who purchase shares from an initial public offering (IPO). Lockup agreements govern the activity of company insiders by prohibiting them (and their associates, including employees to friends and family) from immediately selling their shares on the open market once the … Read Article

Publishing Agreements and Press Releases (with 4 Examples)

Virtual book clubs have soared during the pandemic and the publishing industry took flight as well.  “Still, it remains to be seen whether the reading-favorable environment of stay-at-home living has been just a short-term stimulant or represents a longer-term trend; and whether books can hold their share of consumers’ discretionary time and budgets vs. the … Read Article