Oil & Gas Companies, Gas Tax, and 4 documents

With no end in sight to the gas woes in our country, rest assured that the companies behind the pumps are doing well. “While people across the United States have seen gas prices as high as $6 per gallon—stretching budgets thin and driving worsening inflation—the oil majors have been absolutely raking in money, lining CEOs’ and … Read Article

Subsidiaries of Amazon – Plus 5 (five) Documents & Press Releases

Whatever your industry, RealDealDocs saves hours of drafting time and incorporates business documents written by leading lawyers, leaders, and innovators – providing you with insight and a competitive edge. In addition to corporate documents, we also feature the latest press releases for the companies and industries you follow. Visit RealDealDocs and view the first page of … Read Article

Biggest Losers – Corporate Payouts – with actual corporate documents

scales of justice

From Big Tobacco to Big Pharma, class action lawsuits enable the little guy (or thousands of little guys) to get a piece of justice. Getting corporate documents has never been easier with RealDealDocs. Yet,  getting a concise list of these cases wherein corporations lost in civil litigation can be difficult, according to attorney Andy Gillin. … Read Article

Wardle Sells Wordle to The New York Times

Move over Words With Friends – Wordle has taken over the word game nerd stratosphere. The free word game has a huge following including fans posting their daily scores on social media. A new puzzle is available each day – players are allowed six attempts to solve the hidden five-letter word. For each attempt, any … Read Article

ViacomCBS Sale of Penguin House Blocked by Justice Department (with Five Documents)

Organic growth will be the name of the game for ViacomCBS, according to Reuter’s Dawn Chmielewski who interviewed the media empire’s chair, Shari Redstone. Recently, ViacombCBS made a move to sell Penguin House to Simon & Schuster, only to be sued by the Justice Department to block the proposed merger. While that particular corporate consolidation … Read Article

Global Shipping – It Affects “What’s For Dinner” (with Five Shipping Documents)

You might have enough toilet paper lately, but holiday shopping may be harder to come by for some items this year. From a shortage of actual shipping containers to gridlock at major ports, the global supply chain continues to be impacted by COVID. President Biden announced that the Port of Los Angeles will now operate … Read Article

The Legal Aspects of Closing Your Business

Just as a solid business plan is key to starting a business,  closing a business also requires a plan – a robust one to serve as a shield from liability in the future. The nomenclature for closing business is also referred to as dissolution, liquidation, or winding down. Generally speaking, dissolution and liquidation will go … Read Article

Buying or Selling a Business? You Need These Documents (with examples)

If you are considering buying – or selling – a business, a series of documents must be available and reviewed in order to make the best decisions. Sellers: If you are contemplating selling your business, a review of your records and documents is essential. This includes not only financial documents and customer records but all … Read Article

The Crafting of Covid – Joann Fabrics and Michaels – One Goes Public, the Other Private

Textiles, glue guns, acrylic paints – you name it – two major corporations, Michaels Stores and Joann Fabrics, are likely to have whatever supplies the crafting consumer desires. Both companies have ridden out the pandemic, owed in large part to folks who might not have considered taking the time crafting, or sewing, or needle arts … Read Article

Corporate Resolutions – Why You Need One (with 4 Document Examples)

Every aspect of major corporate decisions, from approving changes to bylaws to purchasing (or selling) corporate property, needs to be carefully – and legally – documented in writing. Such records are known as “corporate resolutions.” One potential costly pitfall of failing to keep careful written records is known as “piercing the corporate veil,” which may … Read Article