ViacomCBS Sale of Penguin House Blocked by Justice Department (with Five Documents)

Organic growth will be the name of the game for ViacomCBS, according to Reuter’s Dawn Chmielewski who interviewed the media empire’s chair, Shari Redstone. Recently, ViacombCBS made a move to sell Penguin House to Simon & Schuster, only to be sued by the Justice Department to block the proposed merger. While that particular corporate consolidation … Read Article

Global Shipping – It Affects “What’s For Dinner” (with Five Shipping Documents)

You might have enough toilet paper lately, but holiday shopping may be harder to come by for some items this year. From a shortage of actual shipping containers to gridlock at major ports, the global supply chain continues to be impacted by COVID. President Biden announced that the Port of Los Angeles will now operate … Read Article

When Supermodels Sue – Linda Evangelista Files Suit In New York

Once upon a time, before influencers, there were supermodels. Striking Canadian beauty Linda Evangelista graced the cover of more than 700 magazine covers, was a favorite at runway shows, and may have been responsible for thousands of copycat haircuts when she chopped off her locks. She has rarely been spotted in the past five years, … Read Article

New Business Documents, Agreements Available on RealDealDocs

Deals, deals – and more deals. May has ushered in yet another significant business agreement with the announcement of Amazon’s intent to purchase MGM for the jaw dropping sum of $8.45 billion. Regulators and some politicians are not pleased with the potential narrowing of competition – and a closing date has yet to be established. … Read Article

Poshmark Expected to Get Back on Track (with 4 Documents)

Call it used, thrift, or pre-owned, the secondhand digital market for clothing, shoes, and accessories continues to grow. In particular is Poshmark, Inc., which went public this past January.  Featuring both a  both a website and an app, Poshmark appeals more to the younger set (read Gen Z) and did especially well during the first … Read Article

Spouts Farmers Market, Grocery Retailers, Thriving in COVID

While the year of COVID19 has destroyed many businesses in the United States, it has been a boom year for the retail grocery industry. Temporary disruptions to distribution chains lead to fewer or late deliveries. Combine this with panic hoarding leading to friction in the earlier months of the pandemic. Overall year-over-year earnings have increased. … Read Article

The Latest Business Documents of COVID-19 (with 4 examples including Regeneron)

The logistical aspects of developing testing kits, treatments, and vaccinations for COVID-19 have been captured in business documents. A few of the industry leader names, such as Regeneron, Pfizer, and Moderna, are already well-known yet there are many other companies involved with handling the licensing, manufacturing, distribution, and legal management of implementing these services across … Read Article

Nikola’s Stock Drops over new Agreement with GM

Nikola Corporation’s shares took a significant dip today in the stock market after the announcement that General Motors would give up their equity stake in the Arizona-based electric truck start up, driving the price down nearly 27% by the close of trading. Founded by Trevor Milton and named after Nikola Tesla (and not to be … Read Article

After Invoking Force Majeure Clause, Under Armour will Continue to Outfit UCLA Bruins

While UCLA and Under Armour continue their contract battle in court, Under Armour will continue to outfit the UCLA Bruins. In 2016, athletic apparel company Under Armour contracted with UCLA for the then largest athletic apparel deal in college history. Fast forwarding to the coronavirus pandemic finds Under Armour invoking the force majeure (Act of … Read Article

TikTok Time Crunch with Three Acquisition Agreements – Updated with Latest News

In another twist of events, not only has TikTok continued to remain available to users in the United States after a judge blocked an order banning downloads, the company is launching in-app voter guide for the 2020 United States election with content available in both English and Spanish. “Today we’re launching an in-app guide to the … Read Article