Avoiding Foreclosure

The experience of being in the midst of the foreclosure process can seem like an assault on your home, your family, your finances and your livelihood. From letters and notices from lenders to endless telephone calls, you may be led to believe that you have do not have any options. But this is not always … Read Article

Legal Malpractice

Recently, insurance broker Ames & Gough released the findings of a study indicating that legal malpractice insurers experienced an increase in claims for 2012 – most especially in claims that exceeded $50 million.    Legal malpractice suits can stem from a variety of sources that run the gamut from blatant incompetency to a missed deadline … Read Article

NFL Agrees To $765 Million Settlement To Players

Lawyers and NFL Owners have agreed to a tentative settlement for players who have suffered concussions. The $765 Million dollars will be used for medical exams, research and player compensation.   The NFL also agreed to pay the plaintiff’s legal fees. The money would be used for medical exams, concussion-related compensation and a program of … Read Article