When Supermodels Sue – Linda Evangelista Files Suit In New York

Once upon a time, before influencers, there were supermodels. Striking Canadian beauty Linda Evangelista graced the cover of more than 700 magazine covers, was a favorite at runway shows, and may have been responsible for thousands of copycat haircuts when she chopped off her locks. She has rarely been spotted in the past five years, … Read Article

Latest Royalty Agreements with 3 Examples

A royalty agreement is used when a transaction involving intellectual property occurs. It is a document concerning two parties, typically referred to as a licensor and licensee, granting the licensee the right to use intellectual property for a predetermined length of time. A royalty is a payment made for the sale or use of an … Read Article

Lock-Up Agreement Clauses with 3 Examples

Lock-up agreements are generally associated with underwriting agreements – they are designed to protect investors who purchase shares from an initial public offering (IPO). Lockup agreements govern the activity of company insiders by prohibiting them (and their associates, including employees to friends and family) from immediately selling their shares on the open market once the … Read Article

Latest Intellectual Property Agreements (with 4 examples) from RealDealDocs

Your company’s intellectual property may be the most valuable property you have – and whether you are drafting an agreement to license your intellectual property or intend to license another party’s intellectual property, it is critical to understand and review these complex agreements.  There are two main types of intellectual property agreements: Assignment Agreements and … Read Article

The Legal Aspects of Closing Your Business

Just as a solid business plan is key to starting a business,  closing a business also requires a plan – a robust one to serve as a shield from liability in the future. The nomenclature for closing business is also referred to as dissolution, liquidation, or winding down. Generally speaking, dissolution and liquidation will go … Read Article

Buying or Selling a Business? You Need These Documents (with examples)

If you are considering buying – or selling – a business, a series of documents must be available and reviewed in order to make the best decisions. Sellers: If you are contemplating selling your business, a review of your records and documents is essential. This includes not only financial documents and customer records but all … Read Article

The Crafting of Covid – Joann Fabrics and Michaels – One Goes Public, the Other Private

Textiles, glue guns, acrylic paints – you name it – two major corporations, Michaels Stores and Joann Fabrics, are likely to have whatever supplies the crafting consumer desires. Both companies have ridden out the pandemic, owed in large part to folks who might not have considered taking the time crafting, or sewing, or needle arts … Read Article

Corporate Resolutions – Why You Need One (with 4 Document Examples)

Every aspect of major corporate decisions, from approving changes to bylaws to purchasing (or selling) corporate property, needs to be carefully – and legally – documented in writing. Such records are known as “corporate resolutions.” One potential costly pitfall of failing to keep careful written records is known as “piercing the corporate veil,” which may … Read Article

New Business Documents, Agreements Available on RealDealDocs

Deals, deals – and more deals. May has ushered in yet another significant business agreement with the announcement of Amazon’s intent to purchase MGM for the jaw dropping sum of $8.45 billion. Regulators and some politicians are not pleased with the potential narrowing of competition – and a closing date has yet to be established. … Read Article

Poshmark Expected to Get Back on Track (with 4 Documents)

Call it used, thrift, or pre-owned, the secondhand digital market for clothing, shoes, and accessories continues to grow. In particular is Poshmark, Inc., which went public this past January.  Featuring both a  both a website and an app, Poshmark appeals more to the younger set (read Gen Z) and did especially well during the first … Read Article