No jet for you! Pepsi’s Ad Nightmare (with actual documents)

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From a much-loved skit on Saturday Night Live to a commercial featuring Cindy Crawford chugging a can, Pepsi is an ingrained brand in the United States and around the world. Based in Harrison, NY, Pepsi began was initially the brainchild of a pharmacist who was going to call his beverage, “Brad’s Drink” but then purchased … Read Article

The Subsidiaries of Disney (with actual Disney Documents)

The Magic Kingdom has been back in the news as Disney’s board ended its relationship with Bob Chapek in the capacity of CEO and announced that the formerly retired Robert Iger would return. Now 71, Iger has led Disney through many transitions and has agreed to return for the next two years. Disney’s stock rose … Read Article

The Documents of Fortune 500 Companies (with 4 examples including Twitter)

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RealDealDocs is a database featuring millions of documents – many of which are from Fortune 500 companies. Each document may be downloaded and edited for future use. Whatever your industry, RealDealDocs saves hours of drafting time and incorporates business documents written by leading lawyers, leaders, and innovators – providing you with insight and a competitive … Read Article

Lease Termination Agreements with Actual Examples You Can Use

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A lease termination agreement is essential to prevent any disputes when a tenant is leaving. The agreement not only protects the tenant from any future liability toward the home, but it also helps protect the homeowner in case the former tenant takes him to court. The lease termination agreement is drafted much like a lease agreement … Read Article

Latest Agreements, Documents, Added August 2022 (with 5 samples)

From contracts to credit agreements, RealDealDocs offers millions of actual business documents which have already been successfully implemented in transactions. Each document can be downloaded in MS Word format for further editing, copying, and pasting. Niocorp Developments Ltd. Unit Subscription Agreement for NIOCORP DEVELOPMENTS LTD Wilmington Trust, National Association, Trustee for BERKSHIRE HILLS BANCORP INC, … Read Article

Warranty Agreements (with examples)

A warranty agreement is a legally binding agreement that formalizes a promise or guarantee which provides assurance between parties that certain conditions or facts are true, correct, or will happen in the future. The key information in a warranty agreement may include information regarding the fitness of an item or a product (as in fit … Read Article

Elon Musk Sued for Backing Out of Twitter Deal (plus documents)

Photograph of Elon Musk

It’s hard to keep up with Elon Musk’s on-again-off-again relationship with Twitter – the current relationship status is decidedly off. Musk cites a material breach in the original agreement (namely, failure to accurately disclose Twitter’s spam and bot activity) and has announced he will not buy the company. However, Twitter’s board says Musk will have … Read Article

Supplier Agreements Explained with 4 Examples

A supplier agreement is an agreement between a supplier and another party. Generally, the other party is a business or company. A supplier may refer to a: manufacturer processor packager distributor wholesaler dealership merchant Generally, the supplier agreement will cover a number of issues including: terms and conditions effective date and term of the agreement … Read Article

Latest Letter of Intent Documents (With 7 Examples)

A Letter of Intent is written communication expressing the writer’s intention or plan of action or direction. The language used in a Letter of Intent must be carefully considered to avoid any mistake with an actual contract or implied contract.  A Letter of Intent may also be referred to as “Memorandum of Understanding”, a “Precontract”, … Read Article

Housing Market Trends – from 2019 to 2022

In 2019, we blogged on predicted real estate trends which included millennials’ desire to rent. Fast forward through the COVID pandemic to the highest inflation rates in 40 years, and now millennials – along with the rest of the country – are looking at a picture few imagined: choosing between impossibly low inventory in an … Read Article