Force Majeure – The Contract Clause of COVID-19

Force Majeure is a legal definition encompassing a collection of unlikely yet not impossible hindrances to performance in a contract – such as a fire, a flood, an Act of God,  or possibly a global pandemic among other things. A force majeure clause in a contract generally excuses any or all delays in performance as … Read more

Nissan – Whistleblower Report Results in Arrests

Got an extra $44 million? Apparently Nissan Chairman Carlos Ghosn does – Japanese officials arrested the notable executive yesterday after a whistleblower report and subsequent internal investigation revealed that Ghosn, along with another executive, Greg Kelly, underreported his income for years. The stock market responded with a nose dive for Nissan shares as well Renault … Read more

Nonsolicitation and Noncompete Agreements (with 5 examples)

A nonsolicitation agreement is a contract which requires that an employee agrees not to solicit an employer’s customers or clients for his or her own benefit or for the benefit of a competitor after departing from the company for any reason. A similar yet distinct agreement is a noncompete agreement which prohibits an employee from … Read more