Elon Musk Reinvests in Tesla and Lays off 3,000

Tesla Fueling

From self-driving cars to flamethrowers, it can be hard to predict what Tesla Motor’s CEO, Elon Musk, will do next, yet the announcement of 3,000 expected layoffs (9 % of the company’s workforce) came as an even bigger surprise than usual.

The Importance of Solid Business Planning

All forms of business contracts, including Business Partnerships, Limited Partnership Agreements should be carefully drafted to ensure protection of the rights of all parties.  Incorporating a business presents different elements to be clarified and steps to follow to ensure compliance with state laws. Whether you are forming a corporation or establishing a sole proprietorship, it … Read Article

NFL Agrees To $765 Million Settlement To Players

Lawyers and NFL Owners have agreed to a tentative settlement for players who have suffered concussions. The $765 Million dollars will be used for medical exams, research and player compensation.   The NFL also agreed to pay the plaintiff’s legal fees. The money would be used for medical exams, concussion-related compensation and a program of … Read Article