Everything Old is New Again

They say all trends will return sooner or later – as such, your grandparents’ furniture is cool. Again. No longer the butt of suburban jokes, La-Z- Boy, the veritable throne of Archie Bunker, has reemerged as hip furniture for millennials previously hooked on mid-century modern couches.

The American furniture company began in Monroe, MI near the end of the Roaring 20’s as an experiment involving a wood plank porch chair and a recliner mechanism, the brainchild of two cousins    on a venture to “relax naturally.” Today, the company has three divisions and employs nearly 9,000 people.  The company now has three lines with production ranging from sofas to motion furniture to headboards – as well as celebrity represented lines, including Brooke Shields and Kristen Bell.

Tanya Gazdick writes the following in her piece for  Marketing Daily,   La-Z-Boy taps Kristen Bell, Ditches Brooke Shields: “Even though La-Z-Boy is a recognizable brand,  there is a perception gap, according to the company. Many consumers associate the brand mainly with recliners and aren’t familiar with the company’s product range. To combat this, La-Z-Boy has evolved its “Live Life Comfortably” campaign, launched in 2011. Instead of shying away from consumers’ perception of the brand, La-Z-Boy is strategically using it to fuel the campaign creative.”

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La-Z-Boy Incorporated 2017 Omnibus Incentive Plan


La-Z-Boy posts Fiscal Year 2020 Second Quarter Results

Image used courtesy of la-z-boy.com.