5 Example-Non-Competition Agreements

Non-competeA non-competition agreement is also known as a non-compete agreement.

The document may be used when hiring a new employee (”Employee”) to an organization or company (”Company”), and prohibits the employee from working at a competitor (”Competitor”) after the employee is terminated or leaves the company. Non-competition agreements are designed to protect a company’s business practices and intellectual property from being provided to a competitor by a former employee.

This agreement might be used by a soft drink company to prevent its employees from taking trade secrets to a competitor. A document will usually specify the time length in which the employee promises to not work for a competitor after leaving the company. The geographic territory and any prohibited activities may also be included. The laws surrounding the use and implementation of non-competition agreements may vary from state to state.


Here are 5 Non-compete agreements available at RealDealDocs:


1) Magnetech Embrescia Non-Compete Agreement

A Since March 1, 2002, 3-D Service, Ltd
inception Through XGen III, Ltd
Magnetech Industrial Services, Inc.
Venture Equity & Derivative Investment, LLC


2) Non-Compete Covenant

Western Alliance Bancorporation, a Nevada corporation (the “Company”) and the Company


3) Executive Non-Compete Agreement

Newport Entertainment Group, Inc.
William H. Waldrop


4) Non-Compete Agreement

Penn Virginia GP Holdings, L.P


5) Non-Compete Agreement

MLP and Valero Logistics Operations, LP
Riverwalk Logistics, LP
Valero Energy Corporation
Valero GP, LLC
Valero Logistics GP, LLC
Valero LP
Valero GP Holdings, LLC


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