Franchise Agreements (with 3 examples)

Franchise Agreements are contracts that are both legal and binding between a franchisor and franchisee. Understanding how franchise agreements work and what information needs to be included is essential for the success and protection of both parties.

In the United States, franchise agreements are enforced at the state level, and generally contain the following information:


  • Franchise Disclosure Document (FDD)
  • Additional disclosures as required by state laws
  • Parties defined in the agreement
  • Recitals, such as Ownership of System and Objectives of Parties
  • Definitions, such as Agreement, Territory Area, Area Licensee, Authorized deductions, Gross Receipts, License Network, The System Manual, Trademarks, Start Date, Trade name, Termination, Transfer of license
  • Licensed Rights
  • Franchisors Services
  • Franchisee Payments
  • Franchisee Obligations

Here are 3 agreements related to Franchise agreements available on RealDealDocs:

Franchise Development Agreement

Franchise Development Agreement for EL POLLO LOCO HOLDINGS, INC., El Pollo Loco(r) System, EL POLLO LOCO, INC

Asset And Franchise Agreement Purchase Agreement

Asset And Franchise Agreement Purchase Agreement for JOINT CORP, RJJ, LLC

Second Amendment To Pmpa Franchise Agreement

Second Amendment To Pmpa Franchise Agreement for CROSSAMERICA PARTNERS LP, Dunne Manning Stores LLC, Dunne Manning Wholesale LLC, Lehigh Gas Wholesale LLC, Lehigh Gas-Ohio, LLC