Latest Merger Agreements from RealDealDocs (With Actual Documents)

photo of a man and woman in business attire shaking hands in an officeA merger agreement is a document that defines and solidifies the joining together of two companies to become one. Although related, mergers are usually distinct from acquisitions wherein one company buys another company.

Key details covered in merger agreements include:

  • the plan of the merger,
  • the closing/transaction date,
  • cooperation after closing,
  • organization and corporate power,`
  • due authorization,
  • financial statements and liabilities.

RealDealDocs enables clients to read the merger agreements from a variety of industries and study their respective structures.

Here are 3 merger agreements and 1 press release related to a merger agreement currently available on

Agreement And Plan Of Merger By And Among Lotus Technology Inc., Lotus Temp Limited, Lotus Ev Limited, And L Catterton Asia Acquisition Corp Dated As Of January 31, 2023

Agreement And Plan Of Merger for CHEMBIO DIAGNOSTICS, INC., BIOSYNEX SA, Chembio Diagnostics, Inc, Project Merci Merger Sub, Inc

Agreement To Terminate Agreement And Plan Of Merger By And Among Electro-Sensors, Inc., Mobile X Newco, Inc., And Mobile X Global, Inc. January 30, 2023

Mvb Financial Corp. And Integrated Financial Holdings, Inc. Announce Shareholder Approval Of Merger Agreement