Letters of Intent (with 4 examples)

A Letter of Intent is written communication expressing the writer’s intention or plan of action or direction. The language used in a Letter of Intent must be carefully considered to avoid any mistake with an actual contract or implied contract.  A Letter of Intent may also be referred to as “Memorandum of Understanding”, a “Precontract”, or an “Interim Agreement.” Letters of Intent usually include the details of a proposed deal which are not to be confused with a legally binding agreement. Said letters may also include language clarifying that due diligence and/or fulfillment of conditions will precede a final agreement.

Reading a variety of Letters of Intent is the best way to know which ones will best suit your purposes. RealDealDocs enables you to study Letters of Intent which have already been successfully implemented. And when you find one or more Letters of Intent which address your needs in the RealDealDocs database, you may download and edit them in MS Word.


Here are 4 letters of Intent currently available on RealDealDocs.com:


1) Binding Option and Letter of Intent

Clear Channel Outdoor Holdings, Inc.


2) Amendment to Letter of Intent

Naked Brand Group, Inc.


3) Letter of Intent




4) Letter of Intent

Affordable Green Washington LLC

PacifiCorp Holdings Ltd