Loop Industries to Provide Sustainable Plastic to Coca-Cola

Are you in the Loop?  The relationship between guzzling soda and an increasing global green consciousness went public in 2018 when sustainable plastic giant, Loop Industries, and Coca-Cola announced a multiyear supply agreement.

On behalf of its joint venture with Indorama Ventures Ltd., the Montreal-based Loop Industries will supply its PET plastic (a 100-percent-recycled polyethylene terephthalate) in the United States to authorized Coca-Cola bottlers. Production is expected to begin in Q1 2020 in the Carolinas.

Loop and it’s long-term vision is nothing short of fascinating, not to mention a major disruptor in the plastics manufacturing industry. Their website states: “We bring plastic production into the sustainable circular economy. We decouple plastic from fossil fuels by creating new PET from waste plastic.” We’ll drink a Diet Coke to that.

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New Agreement Enables Authorized Coca-Cola Bottlers to Enter into Supply Agreements to Secure 100% Sustainable Loop™ Branded Pet Plastic Resin

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Loop Industries, Inc. Exh 31 Rule 13A-14(A)/15D-14(A) Certification

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Loop PET Resin Terms and Conditions