Nikola’s Stock Drops over new Agreement with GM

Nikola Corporation’s shares took a significant dip today in the stock market after the announcement that General Motors would give up their equity stake in the Arizona-based electric truck start up, driving the price down nearly 27% by the close of trading.

Founded by Trevor Milton and named after Nikola Tesla (and not to be confused with Tesla Corporation), Nikola entered into a $2 million deal with GM in September 2020 to form a partnership which would include the production of the Badger pickup truck as well as supplying battery and fuel technologies.

The deal provided GM with an 11% stake in Nikola yet by September 21, 2020 Trevor Milton had resigned after allegations of fraud. (Investigations by the DOJ and the SEC are still underway as of this writing.)

It is important to note that the supply partnership deal between the two corporations remains intact, though it has been revised. GM does appear to be backing out of an equity stake and is not moving forward with production of the Badger pickup which has discouraged investors causing the steep drop in Nokola’s stock.

The new agreement, signed today, in a nonbinding Memorandum of Understanding.

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Here are several Nikola Corporation documents currently available on

Nikola Corporation Amendment No. 1 To Registration Rights And Lock-Up Agreement

Nikola Corporation Amendment No. 1 To Registration Rights And Lock-Up Agreement for NIKOLA CORP, ClearSky Power & Technology Fund II LLC, Cowen Investments II, LLC, DFA Ventures, LLC, Green Nikola Holdings LLC, Legend Capital Partners, M&M Residual LLC, Managing Partner VectoIQ, LLC, NIKOLA CORPORATION, T&M Residual, LLC, Thompson Nikola II LLC, Thompson Nikola LLC, VA Spring NM, LLC

Nikola Corporation 2017 Stock Option Plan

Nikola Corporation 2017 Stock Option Plan for VECTOIQ ACQUISITION CORP., NIKOLA CORPORATION

Founder Stock Option Plan

Founder Stock Option Plan for VECTOIQ ACQUISITION CORP., M&M Residual LLC, Nikola Corporation


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