Peloton Interactive Lost $942M Market Value in One Day

From a twitter storm to a mention on Saturday Night Live, Peloton’s recent commercial,  “The Gift the Gives Back”,  will not be forgotten anytime soon. Featuring a wife (already in shape) who receives a Peloton bike for Christmas from her husband (cue social media storm regarding his possible dissatisfaction with her appearance), the commercial depicts her journey of vlogging her way through a year of workouts with a heartfelt thank you to her husband at the end.  The negative reaction (which also resulted in a hilarious spoof of “Peloton Wife”) on social media was intense enough to spark a 9 percent dip in the company’s stock: PTON.  Opinions ranged from finding the commercial to be a bit tone-deaf to confusing and outright sexist.

According to Business Insider’s Carmen Reinicke in her piece Peloton saw $942 million in market value wiped out in a single day amid backlash to its controversial holiday ad, the company did not attribute the backslide to the commercial, yet considered taking it down from YouTube to alleviate the controversy.

Peloton went public this past September only to experience an enormous downtick after the first day of trading that had been steadily regaining ground in November.

The American-based company is known for making high-end fitness bikes and treadmills which include tablets providing live stream classes from the Peloton studio in New York City, NY. A Peloton bike costs around $2,000 plus a $39 per month membership fee. And they throw in free spin shoes.

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Peloton Interactive, Inc.

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