PG&E Plans to File for Bankruptcy After Causing Many California Wildfires

The devastating effects of California’s most recent wildfires have moved from searching for survivors and trying to salvage surviving property to pinpointing the source of the fire. For Northern California’s “Camp Fire,” new sources indicate the blame has been shifted from forest management to Pacific Gas and Electric (PG&E), again. In 2017 PG&E, on behalf of the state’s investor owned utilities, managed to obtain a legislative shield enabling it raise rates for customers to bear the cost of the fires.

Yet, the devastating fire which wiped out the entire town of Paradise appears to be a game changer.

According to New York Times Energy & Environment article, PG&E Bankruptcy Tests Who Will Pay for California Wildfires, the state’s massive energy provider has scrambled to file for bankruptcy in an effort to fend off the enormous liability claims (an estimated $30 billion dollars) from lost lives, homes, businesses, and property.

The authors write: “Fire investigators determined PG&E to be the cause of at least 17 of 21 major Northern California fires in 2017. It is also suspected in some of the 2018 wildfires that have been described as the worst in state history, including one that killed at least 86 people and destroyed the town of Paradise.”

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