Precious Metal Investing and Mining (with 4 contract examples)

America’s historic Gold Rush may be over but the interest in precious metal investing and mining has not waned. From land lease and mining agreements to investing in gold-backed index funds, some areas of precious metals markets, namely gold and silver, continue to thrive especially in light of increasing concerns regarding stock and bond market volatility. Steel and aluminum continue to struggle because of a combination of trade wars and the current government shut down. To read more on this topic, see’s article, Government Shutdown a Double Whammy for American Nail Maker.

According to the Canadian Mining Journal, a new book entitled “Groundbreaking! America’s New Quest for Mineral Independence” (by Dr. Ned Mamula and Ann Bridges) highlights an anticipated national focus on mineral exploration in part as a measure of security. They write, “Groundbreaking! looks first at risk/reward, why minerals matter, and the U.S. dependence on foreign suppliers for critical minerals. There is a run-down of mineral wealth in the U.S., and how the country should rediscover that wealth. The book has a running theme of the role of domestic mineral production as a national security issue.”

Here is a sampling documents related to mining and precious metals currently available on

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