Publishing Agreements and Press Releases (with 4 Examples)

Virtual book clubs have soared during the pandemic and the publishing industry took flight as well.  “Still, it remains to be seen whether the reading-favorable environment of stay-at-home living has been just a short-term stimulant or represents a longer-term trend; and whether books can hold their share of consumers’ discretionary time and budgets vs. the rapid growth of streaming media, ” writes Andrew Albanese in his piece for Publishers Weekly, “New Report Offers Post Pandemic Outlook for Book Business.”

The publishing industry is implemented in part through a series of agreements. A legal contract or agreement between a publisher and an author or writer to publish original content is known as a publishing contract or a publishing agreement. Book publishing agreements usually include standard features (expressed as clauses in the contract) to address advances, delivery and acceptance, publication, copyright, and subsidiary rights. 

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Here are several agreements and press releases pertaining to the publishing industry currently available on RealDealDocs:

Simon & Shuster

$2.175 Billion Sale To Penguin Random House

Tribune Publishing

Acquisition Agreement

Houghton Mifflin Harcourt Publishing and Harpercollins Publishers

Asset Purchase Agreement

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New Report Offers Post-Pandemic Outlook for Book Business