10 Sample Lease Addendums

Lease AddendumOften a standard lease agreement will not fully satisfy the needs of both parties. Fortunately, leases may be added on to or changed through addendums. Lease addendums may cover a wide array of topics depending upon the original lease.


Here are 10 Lease Addendums available on RealDealDocs:


1) The Shell Building


  Landlord: 100 Bush Corporation, A California Corporation

  Tenant: Xoom Corporation, A California Corporation



2) Addendum One To Equipment Lease Agreement


  American Shared Hospital Services

  GK Financing, LLC

  Profit Corporation


3) Addendum No. 3 To Lease Agreement


  Dot Hill Systems Corp.

  Circle Capital Longmont LLC

  Circle Capital Property Management LLC



4) Second Lease Expansion Addendum


  Embassy Bancorp, Inc.

  Embassy Bank

  Red Bird Associates, LLC



5) Commercial Lease Expense Reimbursement Addendum


  Immediatek, Inc.

  Texas Association Of Realtors

  Realtors(R), Inc.



6) Addendum To Lease


  West Marine, Inc.

  American Arbitration Association

  Industrial Real Estate

  Pancal West Marine 287 LLC

  West Marine Products, Inc.


7) Addendum To Aircraft Lease Agreement



  Bandyco, LLC

  Cumberland Lake Shell, Inc.

  First Southern National Bank

  First Southern National Bank

  Hatteras Properties, Inc.

  United Trust Group, Inc.

  UTG, Inc.



8) Second Addendum To Lease


  Angeion Corporation

  MCHA Capital, LLC

  Medical Graphics Corporation

  Vadnais Heights Investment Company



9) Third Addendum To Lease Agreement


  Advanced Photonix, Inc.

  Jagar LLC

  Picometrix, Inc.



10) Third Lease Addendum


  City National Corp.

  Citi National-Buckeye Building Co.

  City National Bank

  Olive-Sixth Buckeye Co.


For more information on Lease Addenda* see our May 16 blog entry.




*We simply had to sneak in the alternative plural form of addendum.