Subsidiaries of Amazon – Plus 5 (five) Documents & Press Releases

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You have have heard of Amazon, but did you know Amazon has 40 subsidiaries?

To clarify, a subsidiary (which may also be referred to as a subsidiary company or daughter company) is a company owned or controlled by another company (usually known as a holding company or a parent company). And, two or more subsidiaries belonging to the same holding company are referred to as sister companies.

Here is a sampling of what you can learn about Amazon subsidiaries by using RealDealDocs to view corporate documents:

Whole Foods Market

Whole Foods Market Inc 8-K for WHOLE FOODS MARKET INC


Groupon Appoints Kedar Deshpande As Chief Executive Officer Former Zappos Ceo To Join Groupon On Dec. 10

Kiva System (Now called  Amazon Robotics)

Kiva Systems, Inc. 2003 Stock Plan (As Amended By The Board On January 28, 2011 And Ratified By The Stockholders On February 17, 2011)

Twitch Interactive

Twitch Interactive, Inc. Amended And Restated 2007 Stock Plan for AMAZON COM INC, TWITCH INTERACTIVE, INC

Amazon Web Services

Ttec Signs Agreement To Acquire Voicefoundry, Setting The Foundation For Significant Future Growth With Amazon Connect