Lock-Up Agreement Clauses with 3 Examples

Lock-up agreements are generally associated with underwriting agreements – they are designed to protect investors who purchase shares from an initial public offering (IPO). Lockup agreements govern the activity of company insiders by prohibiting them (and their associates, including employees to friends and family) from immediately selling their shares on the open market once the … Read Article

Disclaimers with 3 Examples

Disclaimers are legal clauses frequently added to both business and legal documents (and especially website content and blogs) to verify that one party denies responsibility and will be unwilling to take on responsibility for something. There are many types of disclaimers including: copyright disclaimers, no responsibility disclaimers, investment disclaimers, warranty disclaimers, affiliate disclaimers, and past … Read Article

The Business Aspect of COVID-19: Coronavirus in Documents

The impact of the 2020 global pandemic is now evident in a variety of business documents designed to continue efficient operations in the wake of unprecedented volatility. From REITS (Real Estate Investment Trusts) to nursing homes, from Apple to Pixelworks, businesses have had to adapt quickly both from an operational and legal standpoint to reassure … Read Article