The Top Shipping Companies Active in the United States (with documents)

Freight with shipping containers in the water with tugboat in foreground

Among the many things we learned to pay attention to during the pandemic is supply chains: where our goods come from, how they get here, and what it takes to transport them. The shipping industry, most especially container shipping, struggled during the pandemic in part due to a shortage in shipping containers. The situation was … Read Article

Global Shipping – It Affects “What’s For Dinner” (with Five Shipping Documents)

You might have enough toilet paper lately, but holiday shopping may be harder to come by for some items this year. From a shortage of actual shipping containers to gridlock at major ports, the global supply chain continues to be impacted by COVID. President Biden announced that the Port of Los Angeles will now operate … Read Article

Distribution, Construction and Consulting Agreements

In our last RealDealDocs blog entry, we discussed purchase and sale agreements, outsourcing agreements and triple net lease agreements.  This week, we will cover three other types of agreements: distribution agreements, construction agreement, and consulting agreements.   To review, an agreement can be defined as “a negotiated and usually legally enforceable understanding between two or … Read Article