Latest Merger Agreements from RealDealDocs (With Actual Documents)

retention agreement

A merger agreement is a document that defines and solidifies the joining together of two companies to become one. Although related, mergers are usually distinct from acquisitions wherein one company buys another company. Key details covered in merger agreements include: the plan of the merger, the closing/transaction date, cooperation after closing, organization and corporate power,` … Read Article

Latest Agreements, Documents, Added August 2022 (with 5 samples)

From contracts to credit agreements, RealDealDocs offers millions of actual business documents which have already been successfully implemented in transactions. Each document can be downloaded in MS Word format for further editing, copying, and pasting. Niocorp Developments Ltd. Unit Subscription Agreement for NIOCORP DEVELOPMENTS LTD Wilmington Trust, National Association, Trustee for BERKSHIRE HILLS BANCORP INC, … Read Article

Latest Letter of Intent Documents (With 7 Examples)

A Letter of Intent is written communication expressing the writer’s intention or plan of action or direction. The language used in a Letter of Intent must be carefully considered to avoid any mistake with an actual contract or implied contract.  A Letter of Intent may also be referred to as “Memorandum of Understanding”, a “Precontract”, … Read Article

Latest Royalty Agreements with 3 Examples

A royalty agreement is used when a transaction involving intellectual property occurs. It is a document concerning two parties, typically referred to as a licensor and licensee, granting the licensee the right to use intellectual property for a predetermined length of time. A royalty is a payment made for the sale or use of an … Read Article

Poshmark Expected to Get Back on Track (with 4 Documents)

Call it used, thrift, or pre-owned, the secondhand digital market for clothing, shoes, and accessories continues to grow. In particular is Poshmark, Inc., which went public this past January.  Featuring both a  both a website and an app, Poshmark appeals more to the younger set (read Gen Z) and did especially well during the first … Read Article

Disclaimers with 3 Examples

Disclaimers are legal clauses frequently added to both business and legal documents (and especially website content and blogs) to verify that one party denies responsibility and will be unwilling to take on responsibility for something. There are many types of disclaimers including: copyright disclaimers, no responsibility disclaimers, investment disclaimers, warranty disclaimers, affiliate disclaimers, and past … Read Article

Executive Employment, Non-competition & Bonus Plan Agreements – Part 11

In our last RealDealDocs blog entry, we discussed sales agreements, equipment lease agreements and proxy agreements. This week, we will cover three other types of agreements: executive employment agreements, non-competition agreements, and bonus plan agreements. To review, an agreement can be defined as “a negotiated and usually legally enforceable understanding between two or more legally competent … Read Article

Contracts and Why use an Exclusivity Agreement? (With 4 Examples)

Exclusivity agreements come in a variety of forms and are designed to meet a range of goals. The overriding purpose of each exclusivity agreement is to define a relationship in which (generally) two parties agree to deal only with one another, to the exclusion of third parties. The duration of the agreement; whether it is … Read Article