The Latest Business Documents of COVID-19 (with 4 examples including Regeneron)

The logistical aspects of developing testing kits, treatments, and vaccinations for COVID-19 have been captured in business documents. A few of the industry leader names, such as Regeneron, Pfizer, and Moderna, are already well-known yet there are many other companies involved with handling the licensing, manufacturing, distribution, and legal management of implementing these services across the United States and the world.

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Here are some of the latest documents available in the RealDealDocs database surrounding the business of COVID-19:

Regeneron Pharmaceuticals License Agreement

License Agreement for REGENERON PHARMACEUTICALS, INC., F Hoffmann-La Roche Ltd, Genentech, Inc, Regeneron Pharmaceuticals, Inc

Oragenics Development & Manufacturing Agreement

Oragenics Signs Process Development And Manufacturing Agreement With Avid Bioservices For Coronavirus Vaccine for ORAGENICS INC, Avid Bioservices, Inc, Oragenics, Inc

Tonix Pharmaceuticals Collaboration & License Agreement

Tonix Pharmaceuticals Enters Into Research Collaboration And Exclusive License Agreement With University Of Alberta To Develop Novel Horsepox-Based Vaccines, Tnx-1810, Tnx-1820 And Tnx-1830, For The Prevention Of Covid-19 for TONIX PHARMACEUTICALS HOLDING CORP., Tonix Pharmaceuticals Holding Corp

Precheck Health COVID-19 Test Distribution

Precheck Health Announces 3 Rd Coronavirus Covid-19 Pcr Test Distribution Agreement for PRECHECK HEALTH SERVICES, INC., Co-Diagnostics Inc, Health Tech Innovation Systems, Inc, PreCheck Health Services, Inc

Image courtesy of  Wilfried Pohnke