The Top Shipping Companies Active in the United States (with documents)

Freight with shipping containers in the water with tugboat in foregroundAmong the many things we learned to pay attention to during the pandemic is supply chains: where our goods come from, how they get here, and what it takes to transport them. The shipping industry, most especially container shipping, struggled during the pandemic in part due to a shortage in shipping containers. The situation was further exacerbated by the disruption the COVID-19 caused at ports and terminals. Nonetheless, the shipping industry remains vital and relevant in all market conditions and the e-commerce boom ushered in by the pandemic is will only increase demand.

The biggest shipping container companies active in the United States are:

Mediterranean Shipping Company (MSC)
Cosco Shipping Lines
Yang Ming Marine Transport Corporation
OOCL (Orient Overseas Container Line)
Evergreen Marine
COSCO Shipping Holdings Co., Ltd.
Zim Integrated Shipping Services
Maersk Line

Most of the companies on the list of the biggest shipping container companies in the United States are publicly traded. Maersk Line, CMA CGM and Hapag-Lloyd are publicly traded companies, their shares are traded on the stock exchange. MSC is privately held company. Cosco Shipping Lines, Yang Ming Marine Transport Corporation, OOCL (Orient Overseas Container Line), Evergreen Marine, COSCO Shipping Holdings Co., Ltd. and Zim Integrated Shipping Services are all publicly traded companies, their shares are traded on stock exchanges in Hong Kong, Taiwan, and Singapore.

Following are several documents pertaining to the shipping industry currently in the RealDealDocs database:

Cp And Hapag-Lloyd Extend Rail Transportation Agreement; Add Port Of Saint John Service

Cp And Yang Ming Sign Long-Term Agreement To Connect Yang Ming’s Customers With North American Markets

Zim Integrated Shipping Services Ltd. Exh 5 Legal Opinion

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