The Vegan Burger Economy Just Keeps Growing

Plants – they’re what’s for dinner.  From Boca Burgers to Beyond Meat (the newer kid on the block) the meat alternative market has been growing from a niche market into a veritable vegetarian/vegan economy. According to Bloomberg’s article “The Vegan Economy” by writers Lydia Mulvany and Deena Shanker, the demand for plant-based alternatives includes nut-based milks and cheeses, vegan meats and fish, and even a consumer-based demand for non-leather products.  The driving forces behind the consumer interest in this movement include traditional animal rights advocacy, personal health, and growing concerns about health of our planet.

For investors, this has become a lucrative business. Mulvany and Shanker write,

The fervor for Impossible Burgers (now on Burger King menus) and the oat milk drink Oatly led to shortages of both across the U.S. in 2019. While early funders included Microsoft’s co-founder, Bill Gates, regular investors are now getting a taste: Beyond Meat’s shares surged 600% in the three months after its IPO in May 2019. Barclays expects the meat-alternative industry to grow to $140 billion in the next decade, or 10% of the global meat market.

This isn’t just a trend in the United States – Australia and England are also participating in the vegetarianism/veganism spectrum which runs from flexitarians to raw vegans. Ironically, China, a country with a traditionally plant-based tradition, is growing in meat consumption.

Here are some documents for Beyond Meat Inc. currently available on

Amended and Restated Certificate of Incorporation for Beyond Meat, Inc.

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