Wardle Sells Wordle to The New York Times

Move over Words With Friends – Wordle has taken over the word game nerd stratosphere. The free word game has a huge following including fans posting their daily scores on social media.

A new puzzle is available each day – players are allowed six attempts to solve the hidden five-letter word. For each attempt, any letters that are in the daily word are highlighted in yellow – but if a correct letter is also in its proper place, it will appear in green. Those letters not in the winning word will be gray.

There are no nonsense words allowed – only legitimate five-letter English words are accepted. Examples of past winning words are “pleat” and “ulcer”.

So who started this? John Wardle, a British project manager at Reddit, wanted his wife to have something fun to do during the pandemic lockdown. If you think this is sounding like the ultimate rom-com – he just sold it for seven figures to The New York Times, leading fans to bemoan the fact that Wordle may eventually become a pay-to-play game.

“WORDLE, THE FREE web-based game that now welcomes millions of active players each day, has been bought by The New York Times for a seven-figure price, and many of its fans aren’t thrilled with the news of the acquisition. While the potential downsides to the move are more than a little obvious, like possible confrontation with NYT’s infamous paywall, the news isn’t all bad. In many ways, the exchange of funds allows this amazing game to enjoy the fruits of a long future. It also gives a talented creator his just desserts for bringing us so much joy.” Christopher Groux, Inverse

From crossword puzzles to word search, word games prove again and again to be both entertaining and profitable.

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