What are Consulting Service Agreements?

consulting_servicesConsulting service agreements are contracts set forth between two parties that outline the work to be performed and the compensation given for the work. Other terms often included in a consulting service agreement are method of payment, time to complete the assignment, and procedures that govern breaches or disputes.

Since a contract represents mutually agreed upon terms, special attention should be paid to understanding what has been memorialized. Terms that are specific to the type of consulting can also be added such as ownership of work products, standard of care, and requirements of the skill level of any other individual working on the task.

Businesses contract with consulting firms as well as individuals. Consultants are hired for their expertise in specific areas. A consulting service agreement is used by businesses that do not specialize in that area and need an expert to assist in making suggestions for changes. A consultant does not have the authority to make changes, only to give advice. Consultants may be contracted for medical, legal, human resources, engineering, internet, or any field that the business may need help with.


There are hundreds of Consulting Service Agreements on RealDealDocs. Here are five examples:


1) Consulting Services Agreement

MTM Technologies, Inc.
Tory Ventures LLC

2) Consulting Services Agreement

Consultant, and BEESFREE, Inc.

3) Corporate Consulting Services Agreement

3375 West 8th Ave, Vancouver, BC, Canada V6X 3B7

4) Exclusive Consulting and Service Agreement

Synutra International, Inc.

5) Exclusive Technical Consulting Services Agreement

Weifang Jinzheng Poultry Co, Ltd